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Namastay A While

Premier Manchester Hotel Summer Yoga Classes

Experience our summer yoga classes

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Summer is the perfect time for sun salutations, which is why we’re heading out to the Kimpton Taconic Hotel lawn for some outdoor yoga. Every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. this summer, guests of the hotel are invited to join yoga instructor Zoe Anderson from Heart of the Village Yoga for a complimentary flow yoga class. On rainy Saturdays we’ll take our downward dogs to the Trillium Ballroom.

About Flow Yoga

Flow yoga is a mixture of meditation, breath-work and energizing movement. Class begins with gentler movements to warm up the body, then moves into progressively more challenging flowing sequences. These may include standing poses, balances, inversions and peak poses. The classes tend to end with slower, deeper stretches, and often floor-based asana practice.

The breath synchronization found in flow yoga maximizes the positive benefits of the practice, turning it into a moving meditation. The breath primarily helps to maintain the pace of the sequence, preventing practitioners from rushing through poses. It can also be used to assist in deepening the expression of a pose, while providing greater mental focus and freedom from distraction. In this way, meditation and breath work are woven throughout class.

Regardless of the practitioner’s level, flow yoga can be modified to accommodate those with injuries or disabilities, as well as a varied level of experience. This is an all levels class where students can adapt the pose to themself, versus adapting themself to the pose. The teacher will offer 'stops on the train' for the poses, and in that way, meet each student where they are. Classes are limited to ages 13 and older.

About Zoe Anderson

Zoe Anderson has pursued her lifelong passion for all things athletic, originally incorporating yoga as an alternative to warm-ups and stretching. Moving from New York to Vermont, and attending a Heart of the Village aerial yoga class, the concept of body and spirit integration opened the door to more inspiring wellness practices. It wasn’t long before aerial yoga, ashtanga power-yoga flow, yoga philosophy, and functional strength training became her weekly go-to practice. Zoe focuses her practice on core awareness, strength, total body wellness and recognizing the importance of moving from a strong, centered core.

Zoe recently completed 500 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training with Heart of the Village Yoga. In 2021, She obtained her certification as a Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PPSC), a cutting-edge functional strength training program utilized by personal coaches at Heart of the Village Yoga.

When not at the studio, Zoe can be found at another studio as Art Director and Commercial Illustrator for a Vermont-based art licensing company in Manchester.