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Farm Fresh

Local Farms near Manchester

Taconic sources from local farms

Farm-to-table fare at The Copper Grouse is made possible by the treasure trove of local farms found all around Vermont (as well as New Hampshire and Pennsylvania). From renowned Vermont maple syrup to fresh micro-greens, seafood and a variety of meats, our in-house restaurant sources many ingredients from the growers, purveyors, bakers and makers.

Syrup being poured on pancakes

Dorset Maple Reserve

With 40,000 sugar maples on 500 acres of forest, Dorset Maple Reserve offers a selection of high quality maple products from smoked and spicy or single malt aged maple syrup to maple sugar and maple cream.

Order Online or purchase at JK Adams

Fresh Pasta

Vermont Fresh Pasta Company

Out of Proctorsville, VT, Vermont Fresh Pasta has been producing fresh pasta, ravioli and sauces since 1992.

Fruit and Cheese platter

Consider Bardwell Farm

This Vermont farm aims to produce world class cheese in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Order Online

French Toast with bananas and syrup

Earth Sky Time

The Copper Grouse sources its delicious bread from this certified organic community farm and bakery.

Purchase at Earth Sky Time Community Farm.


Bromley Farm Peru

This specialty produce farm works closely with Vermont chefs to provide the freshest microgreens, shoots, garnish leaves, edible flowers and more.


Vermont Wagyu

This small farm’s award-winning grass-fed, pasture-raised Wagyu beef is 100% traceable to original Japanese herds.

Purchase online.

Fish and seafood

Earth & Sea Fish Market

Manchester’s own Earth & Sea Fish Market provides high quality, sustainable fish and seafood to Copper Grouse and sources its product from the most reputable suppliers in the Northeast.

Purchase at Earth & Sea Fish Market, 3757 Richville Road Manchester Center, VT.


Cabot & Vermont Creamery

Cabot’s renowned and award-winning dairy products are beloved in the Northeast. Cabot brand butter is used in Copper Grouse.

charcuterie board

Vermont Salumi

Copper Grouse’s salami comes from Vermont Salumi, which produces a variety of cured meats with classic Italian flavors.

Purchase at AR Market159, North Main Street, Barre, VT (a 2 hour drive from the hotel).

Morning BLT with Egg

North County Smoke House

The bacon at Copper Grouse comes from North Country Smokehouse, a family-owned smokehouse in New Hampshire where they make handcrafted, artisanal smoked meats. North Country’s bacon has been voted the best in America by Food & Wine.

Purchase at Shaw’s in Manchester Village or Vermont Country Store North Clarendon, VT.

Sack of flour

King Arthur

Copper Grouse’s flour provider, the employee-owned King Arthur Baking Company provides flour that is sustainably sourced in America as well as never bleached.

Purchase online or in most grocery stores.

Pork and spaetzle

The Vermont Spätzle Company

Started by German-born Marty Irion and his wife and Julz, The Vermont Spätzle Company provides gluten-free spätzle to Copper Grouse.

Purchase at Bonnie & Clyde’s Market, East Arlington, VT (11 miles from the hotel).

Beef dish with aparagus and mashed potatoes

Woodlawn Farmstead

This family-owned Vermont farm focuses on dairy products, beef and pork. Fed by the bounty of the Mettawee Valley, their pasture-raised beef is a beautifully marbled, delicious product of small-scale—yet sustainable—farming.