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Elevated Expectations

Our Hotel near Stratton + Magic Mountain

Bromley, Stratton, & Magic Mountain majesty all year round

We obviously love Vermont’s mountains, or we wouldn’t be nestled amid them like a rock star is enveloped by groupies. Lucky for all of us, these mountains offer unique experiences every season of the year.

Spring and summer bring invigorating hiking and mountain biking at Mount Equinox, with panoramic views from the summit.

Autumn pulls you in with hues of gold, pumpkin and crimson too luminous for words, while crisp air and vistas of the Taconic and Green Mountains take your breath away.

Winter at Kimpton Taconic Hotel puts 180+ trails of prime skiing within your reach. Stratton Mountain is renowned for snowboarding, with 97 trails and 11 ultra-fast lifts. Locally loved Bromley not only offers 46 trails in winter, but a full summer of outdoor adventure, including ziplines, water fun, ropes courses and alpine slides. With 43 trails, Magic Mountain appeals to hardcore skiers with challenging, backcountry Vermont skiing. And here at Kimpton Taconic, there are plenty of opportunities to let your inner child play with sledding and snowball fights.

More than other hotels near Bromley, Stratton, & Magic Mountain, Kimpton Taconic lays the mountains at your feet in grand style.