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Taconic hotel guest room

For a Little More Privacy

Vermont Cottages + Vacation Homes for Rent

Our version of a cabin in Vermont

As a boutique hotel, Kimpton Taconic Hotel is already a welcome oasis away from large crowds. Even so, there are times when a little more seclusion is called for, like when families, friends or wedding guests travel together. Our three cottages are conveniently located on Taconic grounds, but separate from the Main House. Each of these cottages in Vermont offer three sleeping accommodations, some of which are adjoining for your convenience. Communication accessible features are available upon request.

Worthy Cottage

Named after the famed and locally loved Worthy Inn, which stood on our hotel site from 1919-1985. This cottage was built in 1848 as a private home, and was fully restored, by Taconic, in 2015.

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Bennett Cottage

Named after The Bennett family, who built their home on this site in 1846. Prominent resident Otto Bennett was born here, who later in life owned our local newspaper, The Manchester Journal.

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Nicklewhite Cottage

Named after Fred Nicklewhite, a 70-year beloved resident of Manchester Village, known for walking our marble sidewalks. Mr. Nicklewhite’s home and tailor shop were located on the South end of our property.

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